Information Technology​

Peppermint Innovation

Caason Group is a top 10 shareholder in Peppermint Innovation Ltd (ASX: PIL).

Peppermint is a company focused on the commercialisation of a proprietary mobile banking, payments and remittance technology, designed for banks, mobile money operators, remittance companies, payment processors, retailers/merchants, credit card companies, and microfinance institutions.

Red Piranha

Caason Group holds a significant financial interest in Red Piranha.

Red Piranha is an Australian enterprise that engineers and manufactures advanced security products for Managed Service Providers (MSP) and businesses to give them an advantage in fighting off cyber-crime, intrusion attempts and in securing their data to meet modern compliance requirements.

CURA Software

Caason Group is a CURA Software distribution partner.

CURA is an innovative software solutions company that develops cutting edge solutions by leveraging the latest Governance, Risk, Compliance and Audit Industry best practice.

Caason Group is exploring opportunities to deploy CURA with a number of its business partners. Where sectors are faced with fraud, human error and legal changes, this exciting software maps out risk touchpoints with a fully customisable dashboard.