Information Technology​

Peppermint Innovation

Caason Group is a top 10 shareholder in Peppermint Innovation Ltd (ASX: PIL).

Peppermint is a company focused on the commercialisation of a proprietary mobile banking, payments and remittance technology, designed for banks, mobile money operators, remittance companies, payment processors, retailers/merchants, credit card companies, and microfinance institutions.

Ceres Tag

Ceres Tag’s smart ear tag is the future of livestock industry data and information now and for the next generation of graziers, such as Caason’s Aileron Station, a million acre cattle station in the Northern Territory.

Caason Group is a proud investor in Ceres Tag. Aileron Station is set to trial 500 of their world leading smart ear tags in 2021.

Red Piranha

Caason Group holds a significant financial interest in Red Piranha.

Red Piranha is an Australian enterprise that engineers and manufactures advanced security products for Managed Service Providers (MSP) and businesses to give them an advantage in fighting off cyber-crime, intrusion attempts and in securing their data to meet modern compliance requirements.


Caason Group is a significant founding investor in Helpmarket; a powerful yet simple digital marketing platform for small to media businesses. It combines access to many social media channels, such as Facebook and Airtasker.

CURA Software

Caason Group is a CURA Software distribution partner. Cura is an innovative software solutions company that develops cutting-edge solutions, by leveraging the latest Governance, Risk, Compliance and Audit industry best practice. Caason Group is exploring opportunities to deploy CURA with a number of its business partners. Where sectors are faced with fraud, human error and legal changes, this exciting software maps out risk touchpoints with a fully customisable dashboard.


Caason Group has formed a technology partnership with iTrazo TraceTech, creators of a leading digital traceability platform. iTrazo’s platform turns every trace technology input into a unique active digital identity for traceability of product, asset, or service. The identity is applied via smart packaging/printing/labelling, IoT infrastructure connectivity with complete security and compliance – delivering real-time traceability and data insights.

iTrazo Logo

iTrazo are currently working on extending their technology towards getting the Live Entertainment Industry back on its feet with an ingenious contact tracing feature combined with digital ticketing. Caason Group and iTrazo have a number of R&D projects under consideration extending from the agricultural industry through to mining and telecommunications.

The Real Thing Authentication

Caason Group partners with The Real Thing Authentication (TRTA), inventors of a unique resilient authentication label which disintegrates when tampered with and integrated with a dynamic security feedback loop which prevents counterfeiting.

Some high end smart TRTA labels are also capable of tracking provenance and temperature fluctuations. NFC enabled phones can instantaneously scan the barcodes on products to give consumers the ability to see a full history of their purchase. Interestingly, this business was born out of a need recognised in one of TRTA affiliate companies where one of their products was counterfeited. This product has exciting applications for the Australian meat and wine sectors and other industries. Caason is in the process of introducing TRTA technology to a cross segment of their network where collaborations will prove to be mutually beneficial. Please contact Caason Group for further information on our initiatives with TRTA.