Our Approach

Caason Group is a sophisticated investment group and private family office. We are based in Melbourne, Australia, with a global outlook.

Our passion for supporting innovation and sustainability is represented in our six main investment sectors: agriculture; exploration, mining and energyenvironmental technologies; information technologymedical supply; and telecommunications.

We work in the following areas:

  • Investments

    We hold financial interests in over 20 companies – including Food, Fibre and Land International Group (FFLI); Ceres TagWoomera Mining (ASX: WML); Future Energy Investments (FEI); Peppermint Innovation (ASX: PIL); MOVOX, RecallAll, RebillAll; and Red Piranha. We regularly look to expand our portfolio.
  • Operation of Caason Group companies

    Aileron Pastoral Holdings (APH) is our Northern Territory livestock cattle station that we purchased in 2014/15. We operate over 408,000 hectares and this land holding positions us as one of Australia’s largest private land owners.
    HardRock Coal Mining (HRCM) is a mining innovator set to become Tasmania’s premier coal exporter that we established in 2011. We currently lease a 27,000 hectare site in the Fingal Valley from the Tasmanian Government.
  • Innovation/R&D consultancy services

    Our professional team has proven experience in taking initiatives from concept through to delivery. We support the design, planning and program management stages. We also offer R&D tax incentive compliance support.
  • Capital raising

    We regularly provide access to our extensive capital raising networks. We have led multiple Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and support companies with further rounds of funding. Two examples include the IPOs for 5G Networks (ASX: 5GN) and Woomera Mining (ASX: WML).
  • International trade

    Caason Group has been involved in international trade and finance for over 30 years. We are currently helping Formosa Group Australia explore renewable energy projects in Australia along with traditional energy supply arrangements for Formosa Plastics Group, a large diversified multi-national conglomerate headquartered in Taiwan with annual revenue of ~US$67.2 billion.


A brighter future for children in Cambodia

For over ten years the Astill family, through Caason, has been supporting children in rural communities in Cambodia.

Our commitment to supporting the Cambodian Buddhist Association for Vulnerable Children (CBAVC) continues today and helps the broader community in the Siem Reap (Ankhor Wat) Province.

Caason has supported CBAVC by funding:

  • university scholarships
  • the Establishment of a local school with an English education program for over 250 children
  • sanitation projects, including clean water supplies for communities
  • the building of homes and toilet blocks
  • international promotion of the CBVAC and associated projects
  • floating backpacks and school supplies, together with Save the Children Foundation
  • the building of school kitchen facilities
  • new laptops and a printer
  • a 15 seater van

Caason’s MD and CEO, Craig Astill, is a CBAVC advisory board member.

You can see the latest developments on the CBAVC Facebook page. San Van, the CBAVC executive director, also has a Facebook page.