Aileron Pastoral Holdings

Aileron Pastoral Holdings Pty Ltd (APH) is a livestock cattle station and wholly owned subsidiary of Caason Group. Our five year goal is to increase the use of technology to set the productivity benchmark for the supply of premium beef in Central Australia.

Located on the traditional lands of the Anmatjere People, our historic homestead is 130km north of Alice Springs.

Aileron represents over 4080 square kilometres (1,000,000 acres) of prime beef country. We have over 8500 head of cattle managed by an experienced team.

Alongside traditional grazing, APH is a proud innovator – investing in continuous improvement programs to ensure profitability and sustainability of the land.

Since our 2015 purchase, the station has undergone significant management and property improvement programs which have seen staff develop new transferrable skills and improvements in our herd. We have also achieved an increase of over 20% of available pasture and recognition as a supplier of quality beef for both national and international markets.

Innovation is a major focus for APH. Looking forward, we will continue to invest in self-sustaining microbial based technologies for accelerated soil rehabilitation. APH is also developing plans to become a feedstock supplier. Both of these projects are in partnership with Food, Fibre & Land International (FFLI).

APH also plans to invest in an integrated livestock management and tracking system that will be highly relevant for the management of other vast properties. A major partner in this project will be Ceres Tag; with APH already set to trial their livestock ear tags for GPS location and remote identification of each animal for provenance and health management.

APH is also looking to trial the growth of industrial hemp. Partnerships with FFLI, ECS Botanics and Hemp Farms Australia will support APH’s plans.

Aragorn Group

Caason Group’s Aileron Pastoral Holdings (APH) and Aragorn Group have agreed to form a Joint Venture (JV) to develop a 5000 head centralian cattle feedlot site.

Aragorn is a newly formed conglomerate of significant players in the Australia’s farming, livestock, dairy, meat processing and natural health supplement industries. Through a sister-company, Aragorn has access to Conways Station: a cattle property located in the Northern Territory (NT). Conways Station is approximately 1250km north of Caason’s Aileron Station.

The JV will increase revenue potential by optimising cattle weight and individual animal value while developing focus on both the domestic and South East Asian markets. The partnership will see a significant investment into infrastructure.

Food, Fibre & Land International

Food, Fibre & Land International (FFLI) is paving the way in Australia for the growth of industrial hemp for healthy food, building materials and personal care. Caason Group is a top five  shareholder in FFLI and our CEO and MD, Craig Astill, is a non-executive director on the board.

We partnered with FFLI in 2017 following its purchase of Carbon IQ Pty Ltd from us. Today, Carbon IQ operates under FFLI and provides carbon economy advisory services. Our connection also extends into FFLI’s microbial soil division and industrial hemp production company, Fibre and Herd Australasia Pty Ltd (FHA) which is supporting Caason on Aileron Station with our rangeland rehabilitation  R&D efforts.

FFLI is the largest grower of industrial hemp in Western Australia.

Hemp Farms Australia

Based in Queensland, Australia, Hemp Farms Australia (HFA) encompasses all aspects of an end to end integrated seed supply chain. HFA and Caason Group have entered a commercial agreement to support the development of the emerging hemp sector in Australia.

Since 2013 HFA has been specialising in the primary production of industrial cannabis. It provides Australian farmers with quality genetics, agronomical services and a secure end market. HFA offers farmers a turnkey solution for entering the hemp industry. HFA has exclusive access to seven out of 13 Plant Breeder Rights registered industrial cannabis cultivars. This includes 80% of the varieties suitable for Queensland and New South Wales. All cultivars held by HFA have varietal profiles detailing plant characteristics and growing specifications.


Israeli start-up company Syrinjector Ltd is an inventor of a rapid livestock vaccination system. As global patent holders, Syrinjector’s system includes an application, a syringe gun and a cloud for “big-data” saving.

The system also includes software for monitoring, analysis and informed end-user decision making. Caason Group has partnered with the company and is due to receive a prototype Syrinjector gun allowing field trials for Aileron Pastoral Holdings to be explored.

Trisap Group

Trisap Group produces an organic fertiliser and soil conditioner for the agribusiness sector. Their key ingredient is derived from its Diatomaceous Earth (“Diatomite”, or “DE”) mineral deposits in the Lampang region of Thailand. DE is a naturally mined mineral composed of the skeletal remains of trillions of microscopic, unicellular plankton called diatoms. Trisap products are innovative and highly cost effective. They enhance crop resistance against disease and pest issues while also significantly increasing water retention and soil fertility.

Trisap historically operates in Asia and now Caason Group is Trisap’s exclusively licensed reseller in Australia.

Autonomous Pivot

Autonomous Pivot has created an intelligent agronomist solution for optimising irrigation, fertigation and crop-protection for fields using irrigation-pivots. It accumulates field data via its proprietary AI engine to produce improved plans for the farmer via its app. The end results are maximum crop yields and reduced costs. Autonomous Pivot’s proprietary sensors detect moisture, nitrogen levels and crop-diseases. Additional sensors include a rain-gauge and GPS.

Based in Israel with global success, this Internet of Things (IoT) start-up’s commercial farming product is selling out after every country visit. Autonomous Pivot is also pursuing patent protection.