Medical Supply

With the devastation of COVID-19 Caason Group has broadened its reach to cover the supply of surgical and medical grade Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Caason Healthcare

During the height of the COVID 19 pandemic, Caason’s strategic partnerships with key local and global players in the medical supplies and equipment space provided opportunities for commercial engagement within the medical supply chain.

These commercial engagements allows us to leverage on investor and stakeholder networks we have to facilitate the supply of pharmaceutical, medical and dental products and associated services to Governments as well as Commercial and Industrial clients in Australia and Globally.

The Caason Group network provides access to engage in direct supply chain engagement for a wide range of medical products including:

     • Respiratory machines and Breathing Apparatus
     • Examination gloves
     • Face masks (including N95) and Face Shields
     • Medical sanitizers and sanitizing equipment
     • Thermometers
     • Protective Garments
     • Blood Oxygen Analysers
     • Test Kits