Investments & Sustainability

Caason Group is a sophisticated investment group and private family office. We are based in Melbourne, Australia, with a global outlook.

Our passion for supporting innovation and sustainability is represented in our six main investment sectors: agriculture; exploration, mining and energy; environmental technologies; information technology; medical supply and telecommunications.

Recent news

Caason adopts Kiko energised water technology

Dramatically enhanced water quality through natural volcanic stones charged under a proprietary know-how in Japan. Caason intends to install Kiko Technology products on Aileron Pastoral Holdings to improve water quality for livestock consumption and to increase crop yields.

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Industrial hemp management on APH by FFLI

Caason Group’s Aileron Pastoral Holdings (APH) steps closer to growing industrial hemp in the Northern Territory (NT) with specialist technical oversight and management provided by Food Fibre and Land International Group (FFLI).

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