Environmental Technologies​

Caason Inventa

Caason Inventa is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Caason Group that investigates CO2 output reduction technologies for the mining, energy, manufacturing and industrial land rehabilitation industries.

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Caason Inventa is continuing an innovation and R&D program with support activities that offer synergistic opportunities across Caason Group companies.

Biomass sample identification, collection and analysis, Identifying and testing resources required to monitor experimental activities, reviewing literature and background research and reviewing bio-char applications and testing environment design are some of the support activities that Caason Inventa engages in.


Future Energy Investments

Caason Group holds a substantial financial interest in Future Energy Investments Pty Ltd (FEI). Caason Group MD and CEO Craig Astill is an executive director on FEI’s board.

FEI is an Australian company established to provide waste reduction, degradation processes, and consumable environmental products to the Australian and global markets.

FEI’s primary product is ThermoFuel, a proven and globally patented technology. ThermoFuel converts end of life plastics in a continuous production process into fully compliant diesel fuel or alternative fuel for industrial purposes.

Kiko Technology Limited

Caason Group has entered a commercial partnership with Kiko Technology, a Hong Kong company that utilises Japanese technology to kinetically energise water. Kiko Technology offers a revolutionary approach to managing water that is affordable and reliable when compared to existing mechanical processes. 

Kiko Technology has created a Kinetic Energy Delivery System for water, coined “KEDS”. It has applications in agriculture, aquaculture, soils and more. It improves the kinetic energy and physical characteristics of any water. Today’s water simply vibrates slower than it should. KEDS uses natural volcanic stones charged under a proprietary know-how to dramatically enhance water quality.

Truly Green Plastic™

Truly Green Plastic™ is a ground-breaking, eco-friendly cleantech born at the intersection of biotechnology, chemical engineering and cannabis agriculture. Based in Canada, and with networks throughout the world, Truly Green Plastic™ takes leftover plant material from harvested industrial hemp or medicinal cannabis and converts it into a fully-biodegradable plastic using a bacterial conversion process. 

Caason Group and Truly Green Plastic™ hold a partnership for the Australian market development.

GS Bavaria

Caason Group represents GS Bavaria in Australasia, Asia, the Pacific and named multi-national organisations. Caason Group was a cornerstone investor into Alternative Energy Europe (Gmbh) which is the owner of GS Bavaria.

GS Bavaria owns recycling technology and provides nanopowders to the composite metals, plastics and resin industries.