Strategic Partnerships

PEGG Capital (PEGG)

Caason is an Australian Agent and representative of PEGG which is a global private equity fund which evaluates investments into ventures and projects mandated by its investment guidelines.

Caason facilitates and adds value to many PEGG projects which require large scale non-bank project funding

PEGG prides itself in making investments in unique and undiscovered opportunities in property, resources, new energy and digital and tech in the Asia Pacific and various other emerging markets

SPGP Gold Fund (SPGP GF)

The Caason Group through its relationship with SPGP Holdings is a stakeholder in the SPGP Gold Fund.

SPGP GF has strategic relationships with Global Gold refineries such as Valcambi of Switzerland.

SPGP GF targets Australian Gold producers to provide Gold Streaming Loans in order to secure gold supply and offtake agreements with partner entities.