Innovation/R&D services

Caason Group is a strategic investor in innovation in Australia. Our highly capable and engaged multi-disciplinary team, in partnership with Innova Sierra Pty Ltd, supports company Research and Development (R&D) programs.

Our passion for developing companies doesn’t start – and end – with our financial investment. We often assist our related companies with:

  • innovation and R&D support services which may include advisory support, project management and management reporting
  • Intellectual Property (IP) management services including contract development, review and administration, IP management and patent searches
  • technical contributions to IP, project origination, scientific innovation management framework creation and innovation management
  • R&D tax incentive and compliance support services

Please contact Caason Group to discuss your innovation and R&D support and management needs.

Our partnerships

Innova Sierra

Innova Sierra Pty Ltd is an AusIndustry registered Research Service Provider (RSP). Since 2010, Caason Group’s partnership with Innova Sierra has helped to bring our shared passion for commercialising innovation and sustainability to life.

With offices in Melbourne, Innova Sierra supports our investment companies in developing their scientific innovation management framework.

As CEO & Managing Director of Innova Sierra Pty Ltd, Dr Bala Kumble,  provides independent advisory services to Caason Group as our Group Head, Innovation/R&D.

With over 40 years’ experience and strong academic connections, Bala has helped many organisations define the uniqueness of their innovation, outline their methodology, fill scientific gaps, define outcomes and measure success.

Our innovation/R&D initiatives

Aileron Pastoral Holdings (APH) – Caason’s APH has been granted a Class A research licence for the cultivation of low-THC hemp for scientific research under the Northern Territory Government’s Industrial Hemp Act 2019. Caason Group is also developing self-sustaining microbial based technologies and sequencing for accelerated soil rehabilitation on our Northern Territory property.

Food Fibre & Land International (FFLI) – FFLI will provide site consulting services and some seed varieties for our industrial hemp research trials on APH. Through FFLI, we are also involved in carbon economy advisory services.

Ceres Tag – Caason’s APH is facilitating a pre-commercial trial of 500 Ceres Tag livestock ear tags in early 2021 for animal management and health.

HardRock Coal Mining – Caason Group is investing in research to develop X-Ray Transmission (XRT) for dry beneficiation to separate coal from non-coal bearing materials along with developing a new and fully integrated mining process for safe mining and underground efficiencies. We are also working on advanced underground transportation and  tunnelling technologies.

Future Energy Investments (FEI) – this Caason Group investment holds several patents,
in Australia, Europe and the USA, for technology that converts end-of-life
plastics to fuel. We are currently working on FEI’s commercialisation model.

Australian Research Council Linkage Project – Caason Group, in partnership with the University of Western AustraliaWA’s Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority and Curtin University of Technology, is an industry partner in an Australian Research Council (ARC) Project. The project is looking for improved restoration outcomes for plant species and communities impacted by mining activities in the Pilbara and nationally. The project’s title is “Mine Site Rehabilitation Through Novel Plant & Microbe Interaction”.

Caason Inventa – this Caason Group subsidiary is investigating innovative organic based
carbon scrubbing technology for high emission industries, such as mining and
energy, to help them achieve carbon neutral operations.

The Eagle – a Caason Group product that is a being developed to become a remote sensing, measurement, control and communications platform for the mining, energy, utilities and agribusiness sectors.

RecallAll – Caason Group is investing in this software provider to develop data retention, recovery and mining along with telecommunications billing technology.

MOVOX – Caason Group is investing in cloud-based, voice, video and messaging solutions along with unique work from home applications.

EPCI – In 2016 and 2017 Caason Group successfully provided EPCI with R&D support services and assisted in developing their innovation programs. EPCI works with Australian utilities on power transmission infrastructure, including mixed power generation environments. EPCI also offers innovative design and development services for “microgrids” in the mining and agribusiness sectors.

Woomera Mining Ltd – In 2018 and 2019 Caason Group provided consulting services to support mining innovation knowledge gaps.